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Our Share the Health Holistic Nutrition Programs Provide a Consultation for $15-$59 per Hour

Share the Health

It does not matter if you are a student, retired, dealing with high medical bills, or otherwise unable to commit to the standard consulting price. Our sliding scale approach for these holistic nutrition programs allows you to choose the hourly fee that is appropriate for your situation.

The Share the Health holistic nutrition programs include:

  • one intake session, approx. 90 minutes
  • three follow-up sessions, approx. 60 minutes each
  • one closing session, approx. 30 minutes

Add your name to the waiting list for our Colorado holistic nutritionist. When your name comes up, your session with a certified nutrition consultant will begin. If the timing is not right for you, we can work out a time that best fits your schedule and contact the next client in the meantime.

Application Process

Email Matthew Koontz, our certified nutrition consultant, at, to indicate your interest in our Share the Health program. We will add your name to the list and provide an estimated timeframe in which you will hear back from our Colorado holistic nutritionist.

Estimated Wait Time: 0 Months