Botanical Gut Resolve – Add-On Bundle


The herbal bundle to holistic gut health.

Includes: Tum Tea and Ker-Q-Zin Honey

Therapeutic Dose: 30 Days

Tum Tea

A therapeutic herbal tea for holistic gut health.

Healing - Prebiotic - Relaxes the Gut

Therapeutic Dose: 30 Days

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Ker-Q-Zin Honey

Wildflower honey with a triad of herbal powders.

Addresses inflammation, stagnant circulation, and gut weakness.

Therapeutic Dose Lasts: 30 Days

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Available on backorder

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Both Tum Tea and Ker-Q-Zin Honey in one, classic pairing. 

Herbs are best when we enjoy them. Tea and honey make a great pair for so many reasons. The delicate herbs are in the tea and the hearty root powders are in the honey.

Combining Tum Tea with Ker-Q-Zin honey, especially daily, helps with gastrointestinal symptoms by supporting tissue repair, reducing inflammation, stimulating circulation to the gut, and relaxing overactive parts of the intestines.

Part of the Gut Resolve Supplement Bundle and it’s add-on options. Comes with the complete Gut Resolve Guide.

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